NUVO jSAX saksofon

NUVO jSAX N510JWBL saksofon väikelastele
Tootekood: NUVO N510JWBL
Müügihind 125,00 €
Tootja: NUVO
  • Pitched in C (concert pitch)
  • 100% waterproof
  • Follows traditional saxophone fingering patterns
  • Lightweight polymer instrument with silicone bell
  • Snap-shut ligature
  • 5 position adjustable thumb rest
  • Supplied with 2x Nuvo synthetic reeds, open hole key plugs, jSax fingering chart, o-ring grease and case
  • Weight: 0.24kg
  • The Nuvo jSax brings the world of saxophone playing to a wider audience than ever! Young musicians can now start to play an instrument with traditional feel from an early age.
  • The jSax has a traditional fingering system enabling newcomers to develop embouchure and tuning skills wich are transferable to a full-size sax.
  • Pitched in C (concert pitch), integration into classroom music making is very easy.
  • The instrument has a full chromatic ranger from C4 to G5.
  • The jSax is simple to clean with warm soapy water.
  • There is no risk of water damage to the synthetic pads, simply allow the instrument to drip dry before putting away.
  • Outfits are supplied with two synthetic reeds, strengths 1.5 and 2, great for getting started. Experienced players may prefer to use traditional Eb clarinet reeds.
  • Outfits include moulded case and carry strap, o-ring grease, two reeds and optional key caps.