Rotosound Rotos R 9 (09-42) Elektrikitarri Keeled

Rotosound Rotos R9 (9,11,16,24w,32w,42w) Nikkel Elektrikitarri Keeled
Tootekood: R 9
Müügihind 6,30 €
Tootja: Rotosound

ROTOS (Nickel on Steel)

Developed in conjunction with some of the worlds top artists, these unique sets deliver a smooth powerful tone that lasts while other strings have long gone dead. Superb brilliance and strength make Roto's the first choice for the professional. Available in all the popular gauges, 12 string sets, 7 string sets and custom made singles for the discerning tone-head!

R9   (9,11,16,24w,32w,42w)