Kõmatorud-Sopran Diatooniline Komplekt

Sopran Diatooniline Kõmatorude Komplekt (8 toru C40-C52)
Tootekood: PP790-1
Müügihind 22,00 €
Tootja: Percussion Plus

The most popular instrument in our Colour and Play range is our diatonic Wak! a Tubes. These brightly coloured, versatile hollow tubes can be played with a beater, struck against a hard surface or tapped against each other to create different sounds and a simple harmony. The tubes are ideal for playing individually or together in groups and are a simple and inexpensive way to introduce children to music with them being able to create tunes in minutes. Tubes encourage team building, group participation, improved eye contact and co-ordination. They are lightweight so easily transportable and when played, the tubes are relatively quiet so ideal for playing in places which need minimal noise disruption. All in all they are simple and inexpensive way to create music as well as being enormous fun and always prove a best seller!