Värviliste Kõlaplaatide Komplekt

Värviliste Kõlaplaatide Komplekt (8 plaat+1paar pulki C64-C76)
Tootekood: PP935
Müügihind 45,00 €
Saadavus 2 nädalat - 3 kuud
Tootja: Percussion Plus

Each individual note of this 8 note Chime Bar set consists of a plastic tone box with a metal chime bar attached to the top for a clear, crisp sound. This chime bar set is supplied in a plastic carry case, making this instrument easily portable and secure when storing it.
The colours of the chime bars match with the other products in our colour and play range, including the Combi Bells PP275 and Wak! A Tubes PP790-1, which all follow ChromaPlay, a colour method in which colour coded notes correspond to specific notes of the music. This method allows players who cannot read music to play along without difficulty and for the instruments in this range to be played together with ease.