Hohner Ocean-32 Melodica

Hohner Ocean-32 Melodica
SKU: Ocean-32
Sales price: 70,00 €
Manufacturer: Hohner

Ocean Melodica

A special attractive design is included on the new Ocean and Fire models. The frictionless keyboard and enhanced responsiveness makes rapid phrases and complex rhythms second nature. With the Ocean and Fire models HOHNER has set the benchmark for attractive, professional quality, and durable melodicas.


Item no. 1-094.321-3257/5
item name Ocean Melodica
series Ocean Line
Corpus colour blue
Packing plastic hardcase
Keys 32
Tonal range f, small octave, c, three-line octave
Blowing tube blowing tube
Ergonomic mouthpiece ergonomic mouthpiece
weight 580 g
Length 42 cm