About Us


          MyMusic Ltd is an E-shop targeted to assist both professional musicians and also hobbyists.

          In our shop you can see the range of available musical instruments and place an order without 

          leaving your home!




        The Goal of MyMusic Musical Instruments shop  is to offer:

•      A wide range of musical instruments from classic to rock and also audio and studio technologies 

        at a good price-quality ratio.

•      Consultation and counselling by experienced specialists.

•      Co-operation with the customer in a specially tailored purchasing process.


        MyMusic activity is targeted to:

•      Preschool level educational institutions

•      Schools and Universities

•      Music schools

•      Choires

•      Different type of Orchestras

•      Bands and ensembles

•      Active musicians

•      Dance and music studios

•      Audio studios

•      Entertainment and Cultural facilities

•      Therapy rooms

•      Music hobbyists


         It's that simple!